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One of the worst problems with the IRS targeting political opponents as it is obvious they are doing is that it creates a culture of doing so. Even if and when they are not being directed to do so, which it is fairly obvious they are, they will continue to do so. Forget about enemies of a president or any particular political party what about perceived enemies of the IRS?

A giant institution develops self preservation attitudes and practices, this is what is happening throughout our bloated Federal government, the Department of Education's needs a SWAT Team, really?

What the left either fails to recognize, ignores or hopes it controls is that it is not just a matter of whether government can do "good" things, or even if it can do them efficiently both of which are highly debatable, it is a matter that big government can do ANYTHING. Unlike other institutions in society, there is nobody that can stop them, government especially the national government is God on Earth, the final authority. If We The People lose control of it, it controls us and eventually it does not matter which party you belong to because you belong to them. If you don't believe me just ask the NSA, they'll hear you.

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  1. The worst thing in all of the latest government scandals is that nobody has been punished and is not going to be punished. It creates an environment of corruption and abuse of power.