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One of the main reasons I was never really opposed to the Iraq War, especially as it evolved was that we ended up fighting terrorist from all over the world in a foreign nation (not here in the USA) with our military, rather than having those terrorist coming here to kill civilians. It seemed to me then and still seems to me now that this was a win, win for America.

The only counter argument is that our being there actually created the terrorist. This argument is foolish on its face, since the vast majority of terrorist who came to Iraq to fight us were not Iraqis but came from other nations. So the argument seems to be that Libyans, Jordanians, Saudis, etc suddenly became terrorist because we went in and ousted Saddam Husein, whom they hated. The primary leader (until we killed him) was a Jordanian born terrorist who was killing innocent people long before we invaded Iraq. The truth is that the terrorist we fought in Iraq were terrorist before we invaded and the ones that lived mostly still are. America is not responsible for radical Islamic terrorism, or their hatred for America, radical Islam is.

So all these terrorist from all over the world flood into Iraq and we kill them with the military we have precisely to protect us from such threats and this is somehow a bad thing? The reason I bring this up is that almost every night I watch some story on FOX news about how thousand of Islamic terrorist are flooding into Syria from all over the world, including European nations. These terrorist are being identified by US and other western intelligence agencies and the reports all make this out to be a bad thing.

Granted it is a terrible thing for the Syrians whose nation is not only in the midst of a terrible civil war, but their nation is being infested with terrorist but even the left would have a hard time blaming that on the United States. It is the result of having a tyrannical dictator not wanting to give up control and willing to do anything to keep it. It is indeed very sad for the Syrian people, not unlike the Iraqi people especially the Kurds who lived under a tyrannical dictator for years who was willing to do anything to keep power including the genocide of large segments of his own population.  As an aside here, the Kurds and for that matter the Kuwaitis were not really too upset at us invading Iraq and getting rid of a mass murderer, but that is not the main point here.

The point is that thousands of terrorist who, if not otherwise engaged in Syria, would be looking to kill Americans are not only being identified, they are being killed fighting another terrible dictator, and this is a bad thing? Terrorist at war with dictators in foreign nations sounds like a bigger win, win for us than the American military fighting terrorist over there. Not only this we are identifying these terrorist from other nations so we know where they are.

I have a suggestion for our government, close down the NSA and assign each of these terrorist a Navy Seal.

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