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"Fought for, Protected, and Handed on"

Via-Jer's  Notes

One of, if not my favorite , Ronald Reagan quotes is
"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same."
It states a simple truth so profoundly that it is one of those statements that seems almost perfunctory  which is exactly what he was warning of, don't take freedom lightly.

The terrible reality is that we indeed may be living in that generation which through carelessness and apathy be watching freedom itself fade towards extinction. It is easy to blame those who do not cherish freedom for its demise but that would be like blaming the fox for eating the chick, The fault as the wise barb said lies within ourselves, those who cherish freedom as an intellectual exercise but not as a matter of duty. Or as Reagan explained " fought for, protected, and handed on".

Our Founders understood and as simply and emphatically as is perhaps humanly or at least politically possible, made everyone aware that the primary function of government is to protect freedom for its citizens. The obvious fact that many that govern do not hold this view of their responsibility as binding, in no way excuses those that believe this to be their responsibility, yet fail to fight, protect and hand down freedom.

Based on the systematic infiltration of the Democratic Party by those who not only ignore but have an actual disdain for constitutional restraints and responsibilities which is obvious to any freedom loving person, it is vital that the opposition party that they stand between these United States and tyranny. Unfortunately for far too long the Republicans while giving lip service to freedom have sat idly by if not directly partaken in the degradation of freedom in the home of freedom.

Far from fighting for or protecting let alone handing down freedom, the GOP has become no more than just another bloated self serving institution whose primary purpose is self survival at any cost even the cost of freedom. It is growing ever more obvious that we are headed towards a Hunger Games nation where the political elites hold the rest of the nation both in contempt and in bondage through the destruction of personal property rights and the dismantling of individual freedoms.

The apathetic, the uniformed and the cynics  will say that it could never happen here! We are America! Which is precisely what Reagan was warning against. It is happening here-in America. About the only entities currently at war with the extinction of freedom are the Libertarian and Tea Party Movements who recognize that this creeping infringement on our freedoms are now accelerating at an alarming pace precisely because the political class has not made freedom ts first priority.

This generation, not the past ones or those to come are and will be the one responsible for preserving freedom. Do not kid yourself we are on a high speed train to a soft tyranny which never ever stays soft.

We The People must put our house in order or history will judge us worse than those Germans who fell sway to Nazism because it will be this generation of American's who were inherited so much but failed to fight for, protect, or hand on Freedom itself for and to mankind.

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