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The executioners of modern society

If abortion is about a woman's right over her own body, then why should the father have to support the child? If what is to be "disposed" of is the woman's, why then when not "disposed" of does it become in any way the man's responsibility?

The answer of course is that the "choice" the woman is making is not about her body but about another human being, with different and uniquely distinct DNA. A human being who if given a "choice" would grow up to have a separate and totally independent life from the woman who is demanding to choose, to control the destiny of that other life.

The "choice" the woman demands is death to the innocent.

The "choice" the woman makes is not a "health" issue at all, it is an execution issue.  Does a woman have the right to execute another human being? Too harsh? I will tell you what is harsh, harsh is "choosing" in the modern day to have unprotected sex then demanding to play executioner as the result of that "choice."

The abortionist, the executioners, and by that I mean the entire ideology that has grown around the issue have very convincingly redefined the time frame of  the "choice."   The real "choice" the one that really matters but which is ignored is the "choice" women make to not protect their body, their "health" if you will when they engaged in unprotected sex.  In the modern day when contraception is not only readily available but heralded by these champions of "women's health" as a right, this truly is the "choice" that the woman has made.

When a man makes a "mistake" and the result is a child, society holds him accountable, as it should.  While his partner in the "mistake" demands absolution for her mistake through the "right" to choose death to the innocent.  The truth that is being distorted or ignored is that unintended pregnancies are not a mistake at all, they are and always have been, a "choice."

 The thin veil of "unwanted" pregnancies has been totally ripped to shreds by the long ago accepted use of contraceptives in society.  Although there are religious people and faiths that oppose contraception, no woman or man for that matter is "shunned" for using contraceptives  In fact it is heralded as the responsible thing to do in modern society.  This societal acceptance of and the easy access to contraceptives is what makes the "choice" argument so abhorrently wrong .  

Perhaps an even sadder aspect of the entire "choice" argument is that its genesis is born out of the very real and necessary desire by women to be treated as equals in society.  However by demanding the "choice" not to be held accountable for their own actions, their own choices, they are in fact not asking for equality but rather to be treated as children, who should not be be held accountable for their own actions.

It is indeed true irony that in their desire to be equal to men, women of the "choice" movement instead prove themselves to be less responsible than men.  A man's place in this situation is little changed from what it has always been, if he either marries the mother of his child or takes responsibility for the child he is generally considered to have done "the right thing."  A man that "lives up to his responsibility" is far more mature and deserving of respect than the woman who kills an innocent child then demands sympathy for what in truth was her poor choice to begin with.

Obviously if a man abandons his responsibility to the child and the woman he is ridiculed and is generally not respected by society particularly by mature responsible men who know that taking care of their offspring is their responsibility.  But which is worse, to abandon the child or to murder the child as a means of escaping responsibility for your choices?  The abortionist movement has so twisted the discussion that they make it seem that it is in a child's best interest that it be destroyed rather than live where "it is not wanted."

The perverted selfishness of such thinking which is now widely accepted in society is the same as saying that death is preferable to life, without ever giving life a choice in the matter. There have of course been many "unwanted pregnancies" that have lived wonderful lives and whose fruit have born generations of wonderful lives.  In fact many of the women making the choice to end life are products of "unwanted pregnancies" themselves.  What generations of human beings have been afforded, regardless of the circumstances, life itself, this generation of "choice" advocates would deprive those who have no choice at all.

The "choice" to kill after having failed to make the "choice" to prevent is not something that womankind should herald, it is one that they should condemn. Just as mature men condemn men who do not live up to their responibilities mature women ought to condemn the childishness of women who will not take responsibility for theirs. The irresponsible father is a deadbeat, the modern woman of "choice" is not only not a mother, she is the executioner of modern society and modern society is paying the price for her "choices."

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