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Bill Ayers and The Kennedy Assassination

Want to know what's wrong with America? This helps explain I hope. Written several years ago.-Jer

Bill Ayers and The Kennedy Assassination

I am a mystery fan. Although I do enjoy fictional mysteries and on occasion will find an author I like and read all of their works, what re...

After year of investigation, Trump can rightly claim some vindication

After year of investigation, Trump can rightly claim some vindication

It was called " Crossfire Hurricane ," the FBI counterintelligence operation that targeted Trump figures as part of the investigation into possible campaign ties to Russia. It was a poignant choice of a Rolling Stones song, "Jumpin' Jack Flash, that describes a man "born in a crossfire hurricane" who "howled at the morning driving rain."




In Politicized Justice, Desperate Times Call for Disparate Measures

In Politicized Justice, Desperate Times Call for Disparate Measures | National Review

FBI director Comey and the Obama Justice Department applied a double standard in their handling of the Clinton-email and Trump-Russia investigations. W e wuz robbed. That's the theme Democrats and their media allies are working hard to cement into conventional wisdom.

EXCLUSIVE: A London Meeting Before The Election Aroused George Papadopoulos’s Suspicions

EXCLUSIVE: A London Meeting Before The Election Aroused George Papadopoulos's Suspicions

Two months before the 2016 election, George Papadopoulos received a strange request for a meeting in London, one of several the young Trump adviser would be offered - and he would accept - during the presidential campaign.


When Heroes Aren't Human

Another month another school shooting and the never ending debate trying to understand the seemingly unknowing, why?

Why are young men in the freest most prosperous nation in human history killing their peers? Seemingly without remorse or any sense of humanity.

The go to battle lines are formed around the gun "debate" but there really is no debate there is just a divide. An insurmountable divide which will last far into the future. The divide between those who believe that guns are the problem and those who believe people are the problem. There is one undeniable fact which is that when all the guns are gone, there will still be people. And people kill people, Cain slew Abel and there was not a gun in sight.

The question should not be are guns the problem, the question should be, why are young men in the freest nation in human history killing their peers? It is sad but true that far more young people are killed due to gang violence than at school as the result of a mass murder, but that does not make these mass killings any less horrifying and far more difficult to understand.

There is, in a way, a correlation between these two seemingly different American tragedies. A desire by young people to belong. This is obvious when it comes to gangs. Gangs are formed and survive because of a desire by their members to belong, a natural need for camaraderie.

Camaraderie, there is an old fashioned word, one of those archaic ideals being ripped asunder from modern culture. But a concept critical to the psyche of the male of the species like another word not in vogue brotherhood. In a very real emotional sense it is not unlike belonging to a sports team, a fraternity or a club. Although gangs are not a justifiable outlet for this normal male desire for camaraderie , it is at least understandable.

But what of the school shooters, most of whom are outsiders and loners with no attachment to teams, groups, clubs or even gangs?

When you don't "fit in" you may find a place to "fit in" with others who have suffered as you have. Your heroes your mentors may turn out to be those who paved a path to the outlet for the frustration you so deeply feel. You may choose to join the club, the ever larger club of those who found release through massacre.

As the club grows, so too does it's opportunities for recruitment. The boy who does not identify with the Parkland shooter may, as the most recent shooting appears, identify with the Columbine murders'. As the events grow in number and frequency so too does the possibility for a spark to be lit inside a darkened soul.

Worse yet as the numbers increase so too does the justification for joining the club become easier within a tormented mind. "I am not alone, lots of people do it."

In a truly brilliant if chilling article written several shootings ago Malcolm Caldwell explored this phenomena Thresholds of Violence , How school shootings catch on.

In his essay he makes the following observation:
We misleadingly use the word “copycat” to describe contagious behavior—implying that new participants in an epidemic act in a manner identical to the source of their infection.

The key word here is contagious. The problem is not guns, young people are, as he also notes, being infected. They are catching something which their immune system cannot resist. They are susceptible to evil acts because they do not have the antibodies to fight off impulses.

It is widely accepted that gangs are primarily the result of and incubated in poverty. Add to that the increase in fatherless households and you have a toxic mix that will lead young men "astray." Not so the school shooters. A vast majority who come middle class and higher income households. Most do not come from fatherless homes. Often times it is shocking the "normal" families and homes where these killers are raised.

Which makes this epidemic even more frightening.

So again why? Why are young men from "normal" homes committing evil against their peers and society? I would suggest that there are many reasons which ferment this tragic brew. Explaining the spread of the epidemic does not explain the cause. Why in the last half century have more and more boys sought out relief from their pent up frustrations by joining this evil cult?

Let's begin with this:
Abortion is not a choice in American society today it is a cause; death should never be a cause. When the death of an innocent unborn baby becomes a political cause for individual liberty, a tool to be used to promote political agendas and a defining measure of womanhood in popular society, we truly have lost our way.

[I]n so called popular American society today, those who oppose an unnatural act are somehow considered villains and uncaring, whereas those who promote the unnatural destruction of life are considered enlightened. This is not only backwards, it is sick and it is by any moral precept-wrong. Worse, this backward, sick, immoral thinking is promoted and championed in our society to the detriment of our moral structure which corrodes the very fabric of any truly progressive society. When any society champions death over life, the death of that society is inevitable.

I wrote those words many years ago and they are no less true today. The school shooting epidemic is not a gun issue, and no it is not an abortion issue, it is a societal issue. It is about what we believe and how we teach, or do not teach, our children to believe. If you begin with promoting the death of the most innocent how can you teach children the respect for life?

In a very real sense it is not unlike the old canard "A man who stands for nothing, will fall for anything." In this case "a boy who believes in nothing is capable of anything." Life is either precious or it is not and if in your formative years you are taught not to respect life...well you figure it out.

When I was growing up, and for the generations before me, I was surrounded by heroes. Not because I lived in a unique environment or location or time but because that is the way boys were raised. Boys will be boys is not a curse it is the pathway to manhood.

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" Is not just a question it is an invitation, an invitation to look around you to see what you admire. "I want to be a cowboy, I want to be a policeman, I want to be a soldier. In today's "popular culture" all these and many other heroic figures are not only not held up to the youth as worthy role models they are vilified. Many of the heroes of my youth are now portrayed as villains in some way or another.

If a boy has no great dreams and examples of heroism he will never be a hero. Unless boys have totally changed since I was one, boys love to dream of being the hero. If they don't our society is lost. Heroes made the world, especially the ones we never heard of.

Try to go to a movie today where the heroes are even human, they are cartoon characters. Humans especially the male of the species are no longer allowed to be the heroes unless they are from a Galaxy far far away or a world that does not really exist. American society not only treats life as a throw away commodity we have created a heroless society less someone be offended by the glory of another.

So now we raise boys ridiculed and even drugged for their natural metabolism. They are chastised for their impulses and desires while their opposite gender is glorified for their blatant promiscuity meant to entice their male counterpart who is belittled for being what God and nature made him to be.

Not to mention that a girl in today's society is not only allowed to kill her "mistake", Barack Obama's words not mine, they are glorified for doing so. The boy? The boy is a lecherous scoundrel preying on noble womanhood. This is the world we raise our boys in, and worse.

All this is happening while "popular culture" actively promotes the degradation of normal role models and promotes the less natural alternative life styles which only confuse young males as to who they are and what they should be.

It is not that boys are stigmatized by video games or movies, it is that it becomes their escape from a society which is increasingly hostile to their nature. The outcome is the same though. Living in an imaginary world with comic book heroes and rules that defy nature will lead to more and more young men not being men at all.

It is hard to be a man when you do not know what a man is in a society which is telling you how to think and feel when you do not think and feel that way at all.

What we need are heroes. Not comic book ones but real men who know what a man's place is and proudly explain it and more importantly live it for all to see, especially the boys.

Guns are not the problem, but increasingly for the broken boys of our broken culture guns are becoming the answer.


Spinning a Crossfire Hurricane: The Times on the FBI’s Trump Investigation

Spinning a Crossfire Hurricane: The Times on the FBI's Trump Investigation | National Review

The paper buries more than one lede. If you're a fading Baby Boomer, you're faintly amused that the FBI code-named its Trump-Russia investigation "Crossfire Hurricane." It's an homage to the Rolling Stones golden oldie "Jumpin' Jack Flash" - which, come to think of it, might just be a perfect handle for John Brennan, the former Obama CIA director whose specter hovers over each critical juncture of the case.

John Brennan’s ‘Exceptionally Sensitive’ Issue

John Brennan's 'Exceptionally Sensitive' Issue

Total: 3.9K Facebook Twitter Print EmailUnder John Brennan, the CIA operated as an opposition research outfit for the Hillary Clinton campaign. It appears from leaked news stories in the British press that Brennan's oafish spying on Trump began around April 2016, right after Trump's biggest primary victories.


Gun Manufacturers Fire Back at Dick's Sporting Goods, Halt Sales

Gun Manufacturers Fire Back at Dick's Sporting Goods, Halt Sales

Sporting goods retailer "Dick's" is losing access to several popular gun manufacturer's products in a retaliatory strike, as the companies withdraw their business following a series of public moves by the popular store. Dick's made some news last month when they first pulled from their shelves,&n...


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Golf is not for the faint of heart, also why you should drive a cart.


Who is paying Michael Avenatti?

Who is paying Michael Avenatti?

So exactly who is paying Michael Avenatti? And is he a lawyer, an opposition researcher, a journalist or a campaign operative?

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The Iran "Deal" basics

It becomes really easy to understand the basics of the "Iran Deal" if you just look at the, well, basics.

The first basic you need to look at is the word "deal". Now the word deal is not the same as the word "treaty." There is a very simple reason for this, the "deal" is not a "treaty." And here is another basic fact that is ignored, everyone knows the "deal" is not a "treaty."

So as Eric Erickson pointed out:
It also must be pointed out that our allies as well as our enemies  who supposedly won't trust "America's promises" due to Trump pulling out were and are fully aware of this. They did not go into this blind to the fact that Obama was doing this on his own.

Hell even Chuck Schumer was opposed to this non-treaty "deal". Well until Trump ended what everyone, even those allies claim is a "bad deal".

 The talking point now is that getting out of the deal means that Iran can get a nuke quicker now. Before I totally shred this stupid argument  to pieces let me just quote Bret Stephens:
Trump's bold decision should put Iran to a fundamental choice: It can have an economy, or it can have nuclear ambitions. But not both.
This is a choice that Obama gave them. The sanctions were crippling the Iran regime before the deal and Obama basically thru them a life line.

The uprising earlier this year has not stopped. There are still constant demonstrations against the regime, which truth be told, is on the brink.  Trump's move may in fact topple the mullahs.

 But the real simple basic is even simpler to grasp. Which allies are objecting to cancelling the "deal"? The ones that are party to the deal plus China and Russia, not exactly allies.

If Iran were to get a nuclear bomb, what are the chances they would use it against Germany, United Kingdom or France? Not very probable and China and Russia are not even in that picture.

Maybe they go crazy and go after the United States, doubtful but possible, if they are suicidal.

But and this is the most basic but of all, who is Iran most likely to use their bomb on?


“Israel fully supports President Trump’s bold decision today to reject the disastrous nuclear deal with the terrorist regime in Tehran,” Netanyahu said in a live English-language televised statement from his office, moments after Trump’s announcement.

Yes well that's Israel why care what they think.

How about Saudi Arabia and Iran's Arab neighbors?

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain swiftly backed U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to reimpose sanctions on Tehran, reflecting their concern about Iran's ballistic missile programme and support for militant groups.

If Israel and Iran's foes in the region are opposed to the "deal" and are rejoicing at its demise, how much credibility can you give to the "deal" in the firs place? After all the idea was to stop Iran from threatening the "world" with nuclear weapons.

But one of the basic truths of the "deal" is that those nations who are most threatened by the Iranians are and always have been opposed to the "Deal."

As prominent Suadi journalist Faisal Abbas pointed out:
"Paris and London may not like Trump’s decision, but how would the French or British feel if their capital cities came under direct threat by the Iranians?"

So our allies who truly have something to fear from a nuclear Iran are rejoicing, while our allies who have little to fear but lots of money to make doing business with Iran fret. We won't even discuss China and Russia here.

Oh another basic I forgot. Iran's closest ally? Russia. So Trump continues to be #worstrussianspyever.

The Trump Land Mine

The Trump Land Mine | National Review

Explosives require careful handling. Sometimes they blow up in your face. After the 2016 election, the so-called deep state was confident that it had the power easily to either stop, remove, or delegitimize the outlier Donald Trump and his presidency.


Ben Sasse Drops Fire On Obama’s ‘Bad Deal’ With Iran

Ben Sasse Drops Fire on Obama's 'Bad Deal' With Iran

From the moment it looked even slightly possible that President Donald Trump might be willing to consider walking away from the Iran deal launched by his predecessor, former Obama administration officials and other Democrats (along with many in the mainstream media, but I repeat myself) have worked themselves into a tizzy about the shocking idea that one president might have different policies than another president.

As Seen On Twitter


As Seen On Twitter

Stoneman Douglas Shooter Was Assigned To Controversial Broward Discipline Program, Officials Now Say

Stoneman Douglas Shooter Was Assigned To Controversial Broward Discipline Program, Officials Now Say

Broward school district officials admitted Sunday that the confessed Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School gunman was assigned to a controversial disciplinary program, after the superintendent repeatedly claimed Nikolas Cruz had "no connection" to the alternative punishment designed to limit on-campus arrests.



Reading this gave me hope for the country. Especially realizing that Trump is appointing judges that have this man's view of the "rule of law."

US v Manafort Full Text Transcript Hearing Motion May 4 2018

Transcript of hearing on Manafort motion to dismiss May4, 2018 by scott7johnson-6



For those paying attention it is becoming painfully obvious that the DOJ / FBI are circling the wagons to protect their institutions not the "rule of law." That in effect is "The Deep State."

This is happening despite the fact that the leadership of both departments are appointees of an Administration that has a vested interested to reveal what is being hidden.

Both Jeff Sessions as Attorney General and Christopher Wray as FBI Director were appointed to their positions by Donald Trump.  You would think that they would be able to "shake the tree" to allow a faster more transparent release of information to bring "truth" to light in the Russia probe . Yet it appears that these institutions are deliberately dragging their feet to protect their reputations.

It is painfully obvious that the intent is to run out the clock until a possible take over of the House which will give them a willing partner to hide their misdeeds, the Democrats.

The Democrats are the party of big government, of career politicians. The party of bureaucracy, believing that government properly "managed" can do good things. They are wrong, in fact that thought process is contrary to our founding principles.

The Founders attempted to create a limited national government to protect citizens not only from monarchies and dictators but government bureaucracies which, at any level, as they grow become self serving rather than servants of the public.

Bureaucracy  exist to protect and enrich themselves.

They become "The Borg." 

The "mission" of the individual institution becomes more important than..well the constitution itself. In fact the institutions' mission and preservation are distorted by institutional bias and arrogance to the point where their well being is substituted for that of the constitution. Or the environment, or education or the poor or our food or whatever cause the government entity has been entrusted to protect.

It is not to say that we do not need government agencies to "protect and serve" us, we most certainly do. But we need the agencies to protect and serve us not themselves.

At every turn of the the "Russian probe" we have seen information, at best, hesitantly released. Usually in highly redacted format.

In phase one we find out is that there appears no reason to withhold the information in the first place.  But we are never quite sure if this is the case because redaction of the released information does not give us a complete picture.

Then phase two, we get an un-redacted  version of the document and are left with the simple question, why? Why was this redacted in the first place? The answer is always the same.

It was to protect some institution or individuals' reputation.

It has nothing to do with national security, nothing to do with criminal investigations. It is protecting the Borg from disease, the truth.

We watch this play out over and over again, whether it is the IRS as in Lois Lerner, the ATF and Bundy, the gun runners at DOJ, etc. etc. etc.......

Institutional self preservation is a higher calling in the morass of the swamp than the rule of law or public service.

Worse still, the rule of law as applied to federal bureaucrats like a swamp itself is very murky.  The goose and gander analogy need not apply for a license in DC.

The DC Borg like the fictional representation "assimilates" individuals and other institutions into itself. Reasonable causes, good people and worthwhile institutions become absorbed into the culture of the Borg without even realizing that they have been captured. 

Self preservation in a swamp is a matter of survival not ideals unless of course your ideals are a collective state in which case you have found a home.

In the Borg the good die young. Those who go to fight the "good fight" of individual liberty and limited government are either assimilated or leave before they can truly change much. Trey Gowdy being a recent but by no means the lone example.

An administrative state, with administrative rules overseen by administrative courts. All managed by people whose best self interest is served by protecting all of it from "the people" is where we are today.

The "rules" have supplanted the "spirit" of liberty and freedom.

The solution? As much as it pains me to say it, Donald Trump. As I explained to a never Trumper recently, sometimes it takes a whore to clean up a whorehouse.

Trump is going directly after the administrative state. He is receding their rules and limiting their power. He is exposing their duplicity and even their justified attacks against him show their hypocrisy.

Trump is a blowhard buffoon in the midst of blowhard buffoons pretending not to be. The difference is that Trump for some unknown reason, probably self serving, has chosen to make a great many of America's founding principles the guidebook of his political agenda.

Trump's manners are course, his delivery disjointed, his past questionable at best, but his instincts are good for America.

I don't know if he can truly "drain the swamp" but its exposure to the public can do nothing but help.

More important than anything else, he can appoint judges who believe in the constitution NOT social justice.

That and the show are worth the price. 

The Media Is Killing the Democratic Party

The Media Is Killing the Democratic Party

Ever since April 30, when the New York Times published a list of topics that special counsel Robert Mueller would like to ask President Trump about, cable news and the political press have focused exclusively on the two major legal matters in which the president is entangled.